Company Profile

SHANGHAI COOLGO INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a company dedicated to the cause of electric vehicles, motor-assisted bicycles intelligent design, software development, production as one of the high-tech companies. We have professional design and development, improve marketing team, serve different markets and customer groups. Currently MAKALE series of electric scooters and electric power have applied for patents, products have been CE certified. MAIKALE products have been exported to the United States, South Korea, Japan, European Union and Southeast Asia.
As a growing company, and we will be to understand and listen to customer comments and suggestions on our efforts to make better products customer feedback.

Change a way of walking, choose a kind of life attitude

With the rapid development of mobile Internet technology and technological progress, continue to extend the intelligence, and gradually rise to the smart cars, smart wearable and other new technology areas, the major technology companies have begun to explore these areas in depth. In the global "energy saving" the call, Tesla proved to the world broad prospects for electric vehicles than cars, in the field of short trips, since the balance of such low-carbon green compact car transport, has become the ruler of life; intelligent wearable exploring new interaction between science and technology and to achieve a seamless people and external information exchange, such as Google glasses, cool, self-balancing vehicle lines appeared perfectly seamless access through mobile phones and products barge, and by virtue of the diversity of its functions completely overturned the single application of the short trip vehicles.

Smart technology has become the trend of global development, the rapid development of the balance from the car industry will also lead to a new round of technological revolution in the field of short-distance travel. Cool line with the spirit of continuous innovation, and constantly open up new applications in the self-balancing vehicle a short field of intelligent transportation, accelerating the entire car industry to self-balancing intelligent, environmental protection, while the conversion to make it part of people's lives go hand in hand. For consumers, self-balancing vehicle is not just cool line travel tools, and is a pleasure to travel, to meet people's requirements for environmental protection at the same time, become an innovative way of life, he will become a part of life, always and accompanying you.




A revolution in the way of walking

Born out of the ordinary MAIKALE, can give you extraordinary control feelings. Using the principle of dynamic balance, using the internal gyroscope and acceleration sensor, to detect the change of the car body, and the use of servo control system, accurate drive motor to adjust, maintain system balance. Body weight forward somatosensory car according to the change of gravity, make progress operation, the same can be achieved after tilting back operation, the car carry moving so simple!